Stage Musical Chronology

1875 to 1879

Compiled by John Kenrick

(Copyright 2003-2005)

Unless otherwise noted, all dates are for Broadway openings. Since there was no authorized organization maintaining statistics, some performance totals are approximations.


Show Title (Genre/City), Opening Date, Theatre, Number of Performances






(Note: Nine productions of H.M.S. Pinafore opened on Broadway between 1/15 and 3/22. Three more would come in April.)

(Note: Some sources report that Pirates ran for 154 performances in NYC, but that figure probably includes at least part of the subsequent US tour.)

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(B) Burlesque (parody) version
(P) Pantomime
(R) Revival
(French) Performed in French
(German) Performed in German
(Juvenile) Performed by children
(REP) Repertory company
(NT) New translation
(Rival) Competing concurrent production
(London) London production
(City) Other non-USA productions (Vienna, Paris, etc.)
?? Number of performances unknown

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