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Karen Miller in High School

Edited by John Kenrick

Thanks to Karen's old schoolmate David Lerman, we have some fun shots from her high school year book. Enjoy – and don't miss the hint of many Godspell moments yet to come!

Karen Miller 
				high school yearbook photo (17812 bytes)A nifty senior year portrait of Karen.

Bell bottoms (35672 bytes)Catch those bell bottoms!

Karen Miller in 
				high school (19103 bytes)Another portrait of Karen.

Most talented 
				(68618 bytes)Most Talented: Al Broomfield and (who else?) Karen Miller

Students on break 
				(85939 bytes)Students tale a moment out for a quick break – Karen looks downright seductive in this one, no?

Drama award nominee (23234 bytes)Drama Silver Knight nominee for NM is Karen Miller.

Karen Miller 
				mime (40219 bytes)Karen Miller and Joe Curto as classic Grecian characters in a mime production.

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