LOOM Photo Gallery II

Compiled by John Kenrick

You can click on any of the thumbnail images below to see a larger version. Special thanks to Michael Donadio and the Red Sox Kid for contributing some of the shots on this page.

The Desert SongJulio Rosario and Cheryl Savitt in The Desert Song.

Raymond Allen as KokoRaymond Allen as Koko in The Mikado - one of his most endearing performances.

Rymond Allen and company in Patience)Raymond Allen and company in Patience.

Gondoliers-Then One of Us Will Be a Queen"Then one of us will be a queen" from The Gondoliers.

Robert Cuccioli as the Pirate KingRobert Cuccioli as the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance.

When Britain Really Ruled the Waves"When Britain Really Ruled the Waves" from Iolanthe.

Raymond Allen as Major General StanleyRaymond Allen as Major General Stanley in Pirates of Penzance.

March of the Peers in IolantheThe peers make their haughty entrance in Iolanthe.

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