NYU/Steinhardt - Music Theatre History II

Course Assignments for Spring Semester 2018

Lecturer: John Kenrick

With the exception of our first session, students are expected to read or view the required materials before each class. On the assigned day, be prepared for active discussion, as well as oral and possible pop written quizzes on these materials.

Week 1 (1/26)
Rodgers & Hammerstein: A New Beginning

Week 2 (2/2)
After Oklahoma: Broadway's Golden Age

Week 3 (2/19)
Anatomy of a Hit: My Fair Lady

Week 4 (2/16)
Career in Profile: Ethel Merman

Week 5 (2/23)
Directors: Abbott, Robbins, Fosse

Week 6 (3/2)
More Golden Age Musicals
Your Mid-Term Essay Questions will be distributed in this class

Week 7 (3/9)
1960s: The Parade Passes By 
(Mid-Term Exam IN CLASS)


Week 8 (3/23)
1970s I: Sondheim & Prince - Worlds To Change

Week 9 (3/30) - Yes, we have class on Good Friday
1970s II: "
You Gotta Hang On Till Tomorrow"

Week 10 (4/6)
11980s: "And the Wind Begins to Moan"

Week 11 (4/13)
1990s: "The American Dream"

  • Required: /strong>KKenrick: 291-298 (Chap. 25)
  • For More: /strong> Musicals101 - 1990s Part 1, 11990s Part 2
  • For More: Mordden, Ethan. The Happiest Corpse I've Ever Seen: The Last 25 Years of the Broadway Musical. New York: Palgrave for St. Martin's Press, 2004. I strongly disagree with many of the opinions expressed in this book, but Mordden's wit and passion make for absorbing reading.

Week 12 (4/20)
2000-Present: Tourism Reigns

  • Required: Kenrick: pp. 299-312 (Chap. 26 & 27)
  • For More: Musicals101 - 2000s

Week 13 (4/27)
Hamilton: Anatomy of a Hit
Thestrong> Final Exam
will be previewed during this class

  • Final Review
  • No reading assignment for this class

Week 14 (5/4)
TThe Future?

  • Final Exam IN CLASS
  • Suggested reading: pp. 313-320 (Chap. 28)
  • You must attend and take the final IN CLASS - no exceptions