The Merry Widow

Gallery II: Act II

Compiled by John Kenrick

Most of the photos below depict The Merry Widow's original West End cast -- the final one is of the NY production. They are in thumbnail form – to see them full size, give a click! Some of them may take a few moments to download. These photos come from the author's personal archive. (For a note on rights for photos used on this site, please click here.)

Marsovian costumesAct II: The next night, Sonia throws a Marsovian party at her Paris mansion. In native costumes, she and Danilo continue their flirtatious game -- it is not clear who will be the winner.
Popoff's discoveryThinking he is spying on Sonia in her garden pavilion, Baron Popoff discovers his supposedly virtuous young wife Natalie kissing a French playboy. Here reveals his discovery to Nish and Danilo.
Finale, Act 2Nish quickly gets Sonia to step into the pavilion and take Natalie's place. Not wasting a tactical opportunity, Sonia announces that she and Camille are engaged, shocking everyone -- including a clueless Camille.
Danilo's fableHeartbroken that Sonia might marry someone else, Danilo tells her the fable of a prince embittered by a fickle woman -- insisting the story has no relation to his feelings. He heads off to Maxim's -- and a delighted Sonia realizes he still loves her.
Maxim'sAct III: In Maxim's, Nish takes part in the evening's entertainment.
Popoff's proposalCasting off his unfaithful wife Natalie, Baron Popoff tries to save the day by proposing marriage to Sonia! She politely refuses, and Popoff swiftly reconciles with his deceiving wife.
mwnymaxims.jpg (22505 bytes)Sonia and Danilo finally admit their mutual love, and the entire ensemble celebrates. This is the finale of the original New York production -- which at least bore a minimal resemblance to the real Maxim's.

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