The Merry Widow 101

Gallery IV: Miscellaneous Productions

Compiled by John Kenrick

The photos below depict various American productions of The Merry Widow. These images are in thumbnail form – to see them full size, give 'em a click! Some of them may take a few moments to download. These photos come from the author's personal archive. (For a note on rights for photos used on this site, please click here.)

Marta EggerthJan KiepuraThe stars of the popular 1943 Broadway revival, Marta Eggerth (left) and her real-life husband Jan Kiepura (right).
1943 Merry Widow PlaybillKiepura and Eggerth as they appeared on the 1943 program cover (right).
Munsel and Wright, 1964The 1965 Lincoln Center Theatre production featured opera diva Patrice Munsel and Broadway veteran Bob Wright. It was produced by Richard Rodgers, a life-long fan of the score.
Shubert tour castThe Shubert Brothers were infamous for sending out cheesy touring companies of operettas in the 1930s and 40s. This photo appeared in their all-purpose Merry Widow souvenir book, reused by various casts.
Shubert tour grisettesAlso from the Shubert-produced Merry Widow tour souvenir book. These garishly dressed creatures are supposed to be grisettes. Could any dancer even attempt the can-can in these drapes?

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