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Curly Wright:

A Life in Vaudeville and Hollywood

A studio photo of Armand Wright from the 1940'sClick on this thumbnail for a larger view

When Candace Escobedo wrote in asking if I had any interest in seeing the memorabilia from her grandfather's long career in vaudeville and Hollywood, I was fascinated. She offered a treasure trove of photos, stories and other material, and is delighted to offer this unique look at a life in 20th Century show business. Armand "Curly" Wright (1886-1965) is barely remembered today for his work as a character actor in dozens of films, but he was also a respected writer, vaudeville headliner and director of the first sound Our Gang comedy. As show business evolved, he moved right along with it. My thanks to Candace and her family for the privilege of presenting their legacy.

(Please note that the photos and biographical text in this section are the Escobedo family's exclusive private property, and are not to be reposted or reproduced elsewhere without their express permission.)

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