Broadway Then and Now

Compiled by John Kenrick

(Copyright 2004)

Here are some historic theatre locations in New York City -- both as they appeared in their heyday, and as they appeared more recently in 2004. The photos below are in thumbnail form – to see them full size, give 'em a click! Some of them may take a few moments to download. These photos come from the author's personal archive. (For a note on rights for photos used on this site, please click here.)

The Park Theatre, 1790s The Park Theatre was New York's first world class venue. The location was for many years part of J&R Music World. Park Row, 2004
The Bowery Theatre in the 1840s Despite several fires, The Bowery Theatre remained in use for over 100 years. The location is now a Chinese market. The Bowery, 2004
Niblo's Theatre, exterior Niblo's Garden, home to the historic hit The Black Crook, had its Broadway entrance in the facade of the old Metropolitan Hotel. That corner is now home to a twelve-story office building. Niblo's location, 2004
olympic.jpg (18814 bytes) Mitchell's Olympic Theatre housed the long-running Humpty Dumpty. The location is now a business building, still rich with late 19th Century detail. The Olympic's location in 2004


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