Sample Lyrics

"I Don't Care"

Words by Jean Lenox

Music by Harry O. Sutton

Vaudeville star Eva Tanguay became closely identified with this rowdy song, which became her personal trademark hit in the early 1900s. It was later performed by Judy Garland in MGM's In the Good Old Summertime (1949) and by Mitzi Gaynor (portraying Tanguay) in The I Don't Care Girl (1953).

This is the lyric as it appears in the original sheet music, published by Jerome H. Remick & Co. (NY) in 1905. The verses are in common time and are marked "Moderato," while the verses are in 2/4 time and are marked "Faster." You will notice some of the later choruses do not always fit the beat. Tanguay made up for that with her energetic delivery.

Verse 1
They say I'm crazy, got no sense,
But I don't care.
They may or may not mean offence,
But I don't care;
You see I'm sort of independent,
Of a clever race descendent,
My star is on the ascendant,
That's why I don't care.

Chorus 1
I don't care,
I don't care,
What they may think of me.
I'm happy go lucky,
Men say I am plucky,
So jolly and care free.
I don't care,
I don't care,
If I do get the mean and stony stare.
If I'm never successful,
It won't be distressful,
'Cos I don't care.

Verse 2
Some people say I think I'm it,
But I don't care,
They say they don't like me a bit,
But I don't care;
'Cos my good nature effervescing,
Is one, there is no distressing,
My spirit there is no oppressing,
Just 'cos I don't care.

Chorus 2
I don't care,
I don't care,
If people don't like me,
I'll try to outlive it,
I know I'll forgive it,
And live contentedly.
I don't care,
I don't care,
If people do not try to treat me fair.
There is naught can amaze me,
Dislike cannot daze me,
'Cos I don't care.

Verse 3
If I call on a friend and she's "not in,"
Why, I don't care,
I simply discover I need some pins,
'Cos I don't care;
Her feeble slight does but amuse me,
Nothing like it could induce me,
To hand it back none could induce me,
Just 'cos I don't care.

Chorus 3
I don't care,
I don't care,
If she did mean to snub.
I'm feeling so jolly,
T'would be simple folly
To even feel the rub.
I don't care,
I don't care,
If I do call on her
And she's not there.
If she can't say "Hello,"
She's not a good fellow,
And I don't care.

Verse 4
They say my hair's in silly style,
But I don't care,
They but amuse me all the while,
"Cos I don't care;
You see my hair with me's a fixture,
And it's color's not a mixture,
When they call me living picture,
Surely I don't care.

Chorus 4
I don't care,
I don't care,
If my hair is not dressed swell;
I've got no kick coming -
It's vastly becoming,
And suits my face so well;
I don't care,
I don't care,
I know that style like mine
Is mighty rare.
So no one can "Phase" me,
By calling me "Crazy,"
'Cos I don't care.

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