Sample Lyrics

"Sweet Sana-oo"

Words by Vernon Roy

Music by William T. Francis

Sweet Sanoo sheet music (20933 bytes)This song was written for Charles Frohman's 1904 Broadway production of the London hit The School Girl. It was commonly understood that British musical comedies required extensive interpolations to please American audiences, and providing these songs gave new composers like Jerome Kern a chance to shine – and gave Tin Pan Alley hacks a chance to earn a quick buck writing junk. This particular example, introduced by W. Talleur Andrews, was quickly forgotten.

This is the lyric as it appears in the original sheet music, published by Charles K. Harris (NY) in 1904. The entire song is in 4/4 time.

Verse 1
Fanned by the mild monsoon,
Under the yellow round moon,
Far off in old Japan,
Sang a brave soldier man
Softly an old, old tune,
Sang like a silver bell.
There where the cherry blooms fell,
While each love laden word,
Sadly a maiden heard,
This was a fond farewell.

Sweet Sana-oo
Farewell to you,
Yonder across the sea.
Far from my darling I must go,
But fate will be kind to me;
Sweet Sana-oo,
The long nights through,
My dreams will be of you,
Here by the sea be waiting for me,
Sweet little Sana-oo.

Verse 2
Though seasons wax and wane,
Suns rise and vanish again,
Still glow two sparkling eyes,
Under the darkling skies,
Watching the sea in vain;
There to the big sad moon
A maid doth a little song croon,
Soft as the fairy breeze,
Blows through the cherry trees,
This is the old, old tune.

(Repeat chorus)

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