Variety-Vaudeville Gallery II

Compiled by John Kenrick

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Julian EltingeVaudeville star Julian Eltinge, the only female impersonator to have a Broadway theater named after him. (It is now the AMC Empire multiplex on 42nd Street.)

Fay TempletonFay Templeton, the beloved vaudeville comedienne who introduced George M. Cohan's "Mary's a Grand Old Name" in 45 Minutes from Broadway. She ended her career introducing Jerome Kern's "Yesterdays" in Roberta (1933).

hippocolor.jpg (22940 bytes)A vintage postcard gives us this great full color look at New York's Hippodrome Theatre. The spectacular structure was replaced by a parking garage and office building in the 1960's.

Inside The HippodromeA photo from a Hippodrome souvenir program shows the interior. Imagine what kind of lung power it took for vaudevillians to entertain such a vast audience, two to four times a day.

hippostage.jpg (22781 bytes)Hippodrome stage spectacles were noticed nationwide. Here is a colorful (if somewhat blurry) postcard view of "The Court of the Golden Fountain" scene from A Society Circus (1905).

mayirwin.jpg (11402 bytes)An autographed "cabinet photo" of musical comedienne May Irwin. Performers of the 19th and early 20th centuries were featured in these postcard-sized photos that were made available for friends and fans.

May IrwinMay Irwin is seen here as she appeared on sheet music for one of her hits.

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