Variety-Vaudeville Photo Gallery I

Compiled by John Kenrick

The photos below are in thumbnail form – to see them full size, give 'em a click! Some of them are on the large side, and may take a few moments to download. All the images below come from the author's personal archive. (For a note on copyrights for photos and other materials used by this site, please click here.)

Mt. Kisco vaudeville programTown Hall vaudeville programTwo vaudeville programs from the late 1880's show how the form varied from place to place in its early years. Both of these programs come from the Hudson Valley in New York State, and feature Florence Emmett (see below).

Florence EmmettA promotional flyer for vaudevillian Florence Emmett. We found this, along with the programs above, in a suburban antique shop. Anyone who has information on this forgotten performer, please contact us.

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